Project Overview

PNC FIRST is a redesign of an existing product under the capital markets line of business. The platform is a white-labeled solution for financial institution group (FIG) banks that may not have the technological infrastructure to support and execute interest rate swap derivatives.


1. The legacy product is completely back-office functionality. We've heard from clients that it would be useful to include front-office functionality as well. The would include the sales cycle-- prospecting, pitching, conversion, etc. 

2. The legacy product was overcomplicated and confusing to use. There was poor organization and overal poor readability. 

3. Due to a rise in fintech companies in the same space, there was a risk of losing a few major clients and needed to provide a new solution, quick.   

Project Timeline






Lead UX and UI Designer


Stats Since Launch

100+ clients onboarded

$19.5MM revenue generated



My Role

I was the lead designer and involved in the process from end-to-end. I worked with my product owner to conduct multiple rounds of user interviews with internal and external subject matter experts (relationship managers, FIG back office, etc) to validate the design. I was also in charge of providing the artifacts and product knowledge for the design to development handoff process, then helping to ensure a high quality MVP release.

I managed the work delegation between a contractor and an intern, both who contributed on this project. 

Discovery Workshop

I led a 2-day workshop with internal stakeholders for our team to:

  • Contextualize the problem in terms of business driver and customer driver
  • Understand background of the existing legacy product
  • Learn how its used on a day-to-day basis
  • Create a current state user journey
  • Capture pain points and opportunities from the users


The Users

PNC FIRST is used by both Internal PNC employees in the relationship manager role, as well as external FIG Bank personas in the front-office, back-office, and borrower roles. Depending on the user, they would see a specific portal view, tailored to their needs.

Select Screens

Trade Restructuring: The main user of these set of screens is the FIG bank's front office Relationship Manager (RM). As their main goal is to bring business in, they are constantly sourcing new opportunities. One type of opportunity is a deal restructure, and the way to identify and work on those is typically done manually offline. Our solution to help make that easier is a set of filters to find opportunities within the portfolio, then the RM can perform the actual restructuring of that chosen opportunity right then and there-- no need to go offline to open an excel sheet to perform the math.  

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Dashboard: The dashboard is the FIG Relationship Manager's main landing page. With the insights from multiple user interviews, I designed a screen with all of the prioritized data we heard as needs i.e. recent opportunities, peer comparison graphs, leader ranking board, and income trend.