Cloudt is an early stage startup that merges the technology of digital signage and content management with advertising capabilities as a solution for small to mid sized businesses.


Small businesses don’t have a good way to advertise in the physical world because they don’t own the ad infrastructure and don’t have as many connections. They mostly rely on social media networks to advertise. While social media is a great place to advertise and certainly is effective, it begs the question-- why is advertising in the physical world only reserved for the largest companies? By leveraging existing screens within the community, we can create an ecosystem where any businesses, regardless of size, is able to put their brand out in physical locations. 





Co-founder, UX and UI Designer


Since Launch

Currently only used by a few friends and family clients, aiming to grow quickly 


My Role

As one of two cofounders, I wore many hats in order to bring this vision to life i.e. design, product strategy, content writing, etc. My involvement has decreased, however, after the idea had pivoted post-launch.


Low-Fi Wireframes

As an early draft of the product, I created low-fi's based on user interviews and brainstorming sessions to plan out our MVP scope. 

Hi-Fi Prototype - Select Screens

 As we brought our vision to life, we built out the customer landing pages, the onboarding pages, and the ad "playlist". Connect to TV: This is the most important section on onboarding, as it prompts the user to actually connect their screen to our system. It's a simple low-touch process, designed to be instructional and straightforward for the customer. 

Selected Works

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